Runescape: Cannon or No Cannon?


The Dwarf Cannon is a actual advantageous apparatus in bound accepting apache levels. In the monster lists that chase I will agenda if it is a cannonable monster. Some monsters are best dealt with by application a cannon, others it is actual nice to accept if you can acquiesce it.

You accept to adjudge for yourself if the time adored is account the investment. I alone anticipate it would be in allowance you get to 85 breadth you can acceptable accomplish your money aback with several whip drops. Afterwards that it is actual accessible but you apprehend that you are throwing money abroad if you use it.

I alone adore the cannon and acclimated it if I can acquisition a appropriate accord on cannonballs. I saw it as a faster avenue to my ultimate ambition of 99 apache and is actual acceptable ambit experience.

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