Revenant Caves OSRS Advancing alongside Mage Arena II Miniquest


This anniversary we can see the Revenant caves advancing to OSRS, alongside an amplification to the Mage Arena. Adventure into the Revenant Caves OSRS, defeat Revenants and accretion the Armlet of ethereum abandoned by Revenants. And you can complete Mage Arena II to get the God cape with bargain RuneScape gold.

Venture into Rev Caves OSRS to defeat Revenants

The Revenant Caves is a set of caverns activate in the Wilderness, abounding with higher-levelled Wilderness monsters and an absolutely new NPC, Revenants.

The caves are multi-way action throughout, afar from the entrances and a babyish breadth within. The everyman appropriate Agility akin for the shortcuts is 65, with the accomplished Agility akin appropriate 89.

All monsters aural the caves are included aural the Wilderness Apache monster list, with Revenants accepting the newest addition. Some of these will prove absolutely the claiming to defeat, so ensure you admission the caves prepared.

 Runescape 3 gold

Bracelet of ethereum abandoned in Rev Caves OSRS

The college akin the Revenant is, the bigger adventitious it has of bottomward an item.

The Armlet of ethereum is abandoned by Revenants in Rev cave. You can allegation the armlet with a new tradeable accessible item; Revenant ether, which are a affirmed bead from Revenants. Already charged, acid the armlet will could could could cause Revenants to no best be advancing appear you and achieve you become accustomed to their attacks. But apprehension that anniversary beforehand will cesspool 1 allegation from the bracelet.

In addition, all Revenant NPC’s accept a babyish adventitious of bottomward a tradeable Revenant cavern teleport scroll, which can be acclimated to teleport to the lower wilderness-level admission of the caves. Ancient crystals, a new attenuate tradeable adeptness that bead from Revenants, are acclimated to physique a amateur endemic Wilderness Obelisk.

Complete Mage Arena II miniquest for God cape

The Mage Arena II is the aftereffect to The Mage Arena miniquest. Players with akin 75 Abracadabra and the adeptness to casting Saradomin Strike, Flames of Zamorak, and Claws of Guthix alfresco the Mage Arena can alpha this miniquest by talking to Kolodion in the Mage Arena bank. The claiming is to clue down and defeat 3 demons, activate in accidental locations aural abysmal multi-combat Wilderness.

When you defeat a demon, it will bead a altered heart. Defeat all three demons and afresh yield Kolodion one of anniversary affection until he has all three. Afresh he will advancement one God cape for you.

Do you accept the adventuresomeness to adventure into the Revenant Caves OSRS in Wilderness? If you allegation added safe & cheap 07 Runescape gold, artlessly appear actuality to get it!

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