Oldschool Runescape 1-99 Mining Guide


Need a skill that requires little no skill, but is extremely rewarding? Mining seems perfect! All it takes is patience, time and a whole lotta digging! Follow this 1-99 OSRS Mining guide to make your road to mining mastery efficient and as fast as possible! (Quick tip – go to your settings in Runescape and enable the ‘Shift click to drop items’ function! )

07 Runescape gold

Before we get into the levelling stage, knowing your pickaxes is a must. Once you hit the required level, make sure you buy the pickaxe to make your mining journey as fast as possible! (Psst – you don’t have to wield the pickaxe to mine with it! )

Levels 1-15: Copper & Tin Ore

To start off your journey, you’re going to mine copper and tin ore! You’re going to have to mine 138 ores to reach level 15, so it won’t take too long! Make sure you do this in the Lumbridge Swamp area (South of Lumbridge).

Levels 15-75: Iron Ore

You’re at a long stretch now! Do to this, you’re going to need real discipline and patience (and the right pickaxe of course! ). The best place to do this would be the Legends’ Guild Mine (South of Ardougne). There’s three rocks set up in a triangle, so you don’t have to move a muscle!

Levels 75-99: Granite

You’ve made it – the final stretch! Stay persistent through this next click intensive period, as the mining skill cape is just around the corner! You’re going to be mining in the quarry for granite. Mining granite is in the desert, so make sure you bring your water skins!

Hooray – 99 mining! Hope those endless hours of digging was worth it! Enjoy showing off your new cape, which represents how hard working you are! Off to the next skill!

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