Messi will be the first time this season in the pre-match

Threat of bayern Munich’s champions league semi-final against Barcelona, macy’s career so far on behalf of Barcelona and Argentina has not breached the second-period neuer, and lost all! This will be the first to the visiting team coach pep guardiola appear at the nou camp on the bench, at the same time will also take part in Europe was macy’s 100th. Perhaps for reasons of these two reasons, messi will be the first time this season in the pre-match press conference.

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Argentine last time to attend the press conference, messi participated in the 99 European war, including the 96 games in the champions league and three European super cup. In the champions league, Lionel messi has scored 75 goals, fleas and top scorer cristiano ronaldo as history. In the European super cup, Lionel messi has scored against Porto. Messi eight goals in the champions league this season has been, is Barcelona team’s leading scorer, the group has repeatedly breached , knockout play Manchester city, the British media exclaimed his descent.

Eight strong beat after a greater war again, Barcelona in the semi-final encounter two years ago to humiliate his opponents bayern, it will be a war of revenge. The 2010 World Cup, Germany 4-0 sweep Argentina in the last eight, the world footballer of the year Lionel messi was zero, but neuer was not loud now famous; Bayern Munich 2013 champions league semi-final first leg at home to Barcelona 4-0 sweep, messi was again by zero, the second leg not required; The latest bout of two people is last year’s World Cup final, the trophy after a 1-0 win Germany, Argentina, Argentina captain messi lost the cup.

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