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7 Runescape 2007 Achievement Diaries To maintain the excitement of big updates to Old School, we are presenting to you 10 new achievement diaries in addition to at the very top addition towards Karamja achievement diary! Completing these diaries will likely be no small feat using the elite diaries requiring both immensely high stats plus a complete knowledge of all of Old School

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Achievement Diary Taskmasters We have added a whole new NPC to act as being a taskmaster for each and every diary. Runescape Gold.Having the capacity to track these taskmasters down is important when starting diaries and claiming rewards. Below is usually a brief explanation of where each taskmaster can be located, their name and appearance.

Due to the Ninja graphics team being an army of just 2 people (1 artist, 1 animator), there will be some things that are just too grand for us to fix. Town and City updates for example are massive and we will be unable to do them. Please bear this in mind with your suggestions. Think of the best things that are small, which you would be really impressed to see?

Morytania – Le-sabre To start the Morytania diary and claim your rewards when you have earned them, head just west of Canafis and track down Le-sabre. Falador – Sir Rebral The taskmaster for your Falador achievement diary, Sir Rebreal, can be found in the White Knights’ Castle. Wilderness – Lesser Fanatic The Lesser Fanatic, the wilderness diary taskmaster, are available in Edgeville nearby the bridge.
Varrock – Toby Toby, the Varrock diary taskmaster, are available in the centre of Varrock. Fremennik – Thorodin Thorodin, the Fremennik diary taskmaster, are available just south of Relekka (slightly west of the home portal). Kandarin – The ‘Wedge’ The Kandarin diary taskmaster, The ‘Wedge’, is available from the gates of Camelot. more cheap golds on 
07 rs gold taskmaster, can be located looking quite fancy just away from Lumbridge castle. Desert – Jarr The desert diary taskmaster, Jarr, can be obtained from the Shanty Pass. Western Provinces – Elder gnome child The taskmaster of the Wester Provinces diary, Elder gnome child, are available just south with the Grand Tree.

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