Well people who really foregone conclusion include the Runescape 3 Gold

Well people who really foregone conclusion include the Runescape 3 Gold . The total amount Elemental, Nomad, Void Pest Queen, TokHaar-Hok, Khazard (ROTM Version), TWW bosses, Echo of Jas along with the Chaos Dwarves. These really should be double checked to appear as difficult.

Inside Master level there are several that needs to be checked. The Desert Treasure Bosses for example should be near on impossible and also the Daganoth Queen and also the Bandos Avatar could do with a tune. I am not sure what Vanstrom Klause is much like either but he really should be checked too.

As you have seen from my feedback I don’t know their current state because I would not grind dominion tower. Almost all of the quest bosses below that just need damage buffs since they lack many mechanics anyway and therefore are even more of a miniboss.

Also please adjust their combat levels appropriately. Khazard should also have a higher cb level if you face him in Fight Arena when compared to ROTM on account of him being weaker later but he chooses not to ever waste power against you in Fight Arena.

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Vanatrom Klause is among the best Vampyres on the market his combat level should reflect that. The Bandos Avatar was literally a tier of Bandos’ power it’s combat level should reflect that.

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