some changes just aren possible on 07 rs gold

Inevitably, some changes just aren’t possible. I’ve got aimed to give you explanation why.
Golden shattered rocks won’t be put into Sinkholes. We have now always aimed to keep them out of D&Ds and minigames

Evergreen trees close to the entrance of the city will remain uncuttable. It will take a lot of time thinking about the benefit
We won’t be going after more to differentiate the look between clans. I appreciate that this would be valued, but this may create a great deal work and would push with the tech limitations of how many different textures we are able to render

07 Runescape Gold
07 Runescape Gold

We won’t to have to make it possible to regain elf cosmetic gear from Diango. There isn’t a variable that produces on gaining them, that is generally needed for Diango to ‘remember’ an item
 We will not be changing how a game removes the very best of trees in Crwys. This can be the same as the Grand Tree

 We won’t be helping the XP gained from corrupted ore. It turned out always intended to be a bonus. The collective XP gained from Seren Stones is huge!

Varrock armour won’t have the opportunity of smelting double corrupted ore, as Varrock armour only works as much as adamantite

We will never be increasing the gem rock drop  07 Runescape Gold tables
We won’t be improving the general amounts of impling inside the 95 resource dungeon. This was intended to be a technique for completing your impling collection

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