So what can Xenia’s old companions   (Radimus, Harrallak, Dionysius, etc.) think about her actions?

Mod Raven: I do believe they’d be respectful enough of her to have their opinions privately. Whatever they looked into her last few moments, she’d been a great companion for a lot long and he or she needs to be considered kindly.

Why is Kipple Nano an excellent regular, tangible, item pet?

Mod Raven: We thought it will be far easier to use the newest pet system. Anyone can summon Kipple from anywhere, you don’t need to see a bank.
Mod Deg: All pets is going to be interface pets any further, plus the item pets are becoming converted sooner or later in the near future.

What makes nearly one of those heads so rude?

07 Rs Gold
07 Rs Gold

Mod Raven: Since these are direct creations with the elder gods, these are therefore (inside their mind) better then everything else. It was a method of loosely demonstrating that this elder gods will not be reasonable, it isn’t benevolent (or evil), they only don’t consider anything else worthwhile.

That you are beneath them. The elder gods  simply don’t acknowledge you, but the mouthpieces transfer this idea in brashness and condescension. JasKra is more reasonable for reasons.

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