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Christmas is almost here and also this year we are withdrawal every one of the stops. F2P for everyone and everyone until December 31st, Diango’s workshop, Santa vs Anti-Santa events plus much more!

To be a little gift available for you this Christmas we’ll be temporarily opening the F2P servers to everyone before the 31st December.

There isn’t any better time for it to Buy Runescape Gold inform your friends for them to join you this Christmas and take part in each of the exciting events… or simply take them into the Wilderness and do some PKing together. You want to provide you with something back after all you have given Old School during the last calendar year.

Obviously, this can improve the question with the long-term plans for F2P – the following couple of weeks of open access will let us see what are the results when everybody can access the overall game in a free mode, and allow us to make the decision whether an unchangeable and full F2P option is viable for future years.

We’re still very much specialized in being sure that any F2P options could work for both Jagex, the game and the community. We’ll inform you the actual way it went within the new year.

To be a precaution contrary to the possible rise in bots with this offer, we’ll be removing the chance to catch lobsters on F2P worlds.

December 19 2014 Naming the Snake Boss – The Poll
After running the snake boss naming competition we received well over 1,000 suggestions. We’ve now been through all the suggestions and have absolutely selected a shortlist of 6 names.

Go for a nearest poll both, or the poll home, and opt for your favourite to    assist decide one more name from the boss!

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