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RuneScape players might make bank through thieving with the new Elf City update. The elf workers provide the first legitimate solution to train thieving away from keyboard, but level 91 and is necessary to steal in the elves. Entry to the elf city itself requires high levels along with the completion of several difficult quests. Hence, it is a advanced level 07 Rs Gold thieving method that bears high level rewards.

RuneScape players can left go through the elf once and then, using Ardougne cloak and gloves of silence, steal using a single left click for five minutes ahead of the elf catches him. After being caught once, the player is caught frequently, with all the third time producing a 20 minute ban from stealing from that sector. Since it takes about 5 upto 7 minutes to acquire caught thrice, RuneScape players can easily search for a different sector and keep repeating the cycle.

A number of thieving grants about 75k in RuneScape gold contributing to 30k thieving experience, taking about 7 minutes. RuneScape players receive unnoted sharks and noted super-level potions in the combat sectors. Through the farming and woodcutting sector, noted supercompost, Kwuarm seeds, grapevine seeds, morchella mushroom seeds, and snape grass seeds are received. The mining and smithing sector rewards noted gold ore, coal, adamantite ore, steel bars, and unnoted mature dwarven stouts. The loot currently prices around 50k-75k but expect prices of numerous what to crash from the increased supply.

Rare loot includes crystal weapon seeds and triskillon key parts, with both valuing approximately 150k-200k each. RuneScape players can gain over 200k thieving experience and a million in gold and items a couple of hours.

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