Realz released his anti-druid video as RMP

Realz released his anti-druid video as RMP and it got quite a bit of heat from Woah, as their warrior/lock/druid will go into an incredible opening round showdown against SK-US this weekend at Blizzcon about cheap wow gold.

Overconfident considering the match-up will be played under 3.1.3 rules? We will find out this weekend! Do not miss it! The Blizzcon super weekend as Inflames wow gold takes on Realzs SK-US get cheap wow gold, the most compelling match-up in the opening round!

My money is on Realz as he has home court advantage with the tournament taking place right here on American soil. Without heavy jet lag and time zone differences, his team should be fresher in a very well balanced classic match-up that can really go either way gets cheap wow gold.

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