Blizzard’s goals for this centralized system

Blizzard’s goals for this centralized system are similar to what Valve has been doing with Steam. Last year, Blizzard introduced the ability to store retail CD-keys on your account, with the additional benefit of having downloadable versions of purchased games.

In addition to that benefit, Blizzard outlines that the new account will be used to opt-in for future betas, access Blizzard forums and websites such as the WOW Armory, and, down the line, add more community features (maybe a method of chatting with friends across the various cheap wow gold games).

If you already created a “Blizzard account” last year, it’s already been transformed into a account. Though, on the flip-side, accounts for individual legacy titles such as StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II do not use the new login info. Basically, when playing a legacy title, you still use that game’s specific login information (now classified as a “ Classic” login). Now we’re waiting to see if the StarCraft II beta will add even more features to the new .

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