FIFA World Cup Grand Final

The real tournament is only 3 days to go, and the months qualification draws to an end. The 20 players who will represent their nations at the FIWC Grand Final have been named.

There are 1,997,689 Fifa 15 Coins players from all round the world attempting to qualify for the Grand Final and ten different nations will be represented on July 2 and 3. Players from the likes of Brazil, Romania, France and The Republic Ireland will clash for the chance to be named FIWC World Champion and win USD 20,000.

The 20 players will travel to Rio de Janeiro as part of a dream three-day courtesy of FIFA and Presenting Partners EA SPORTS and Sony PlayStation.

This year marks the tenth edition of the FIWC and is the first year the Grand Final is to be held in the same country and at the same time. The Cheap fifa 15 coins players will be divided into four groups of five with the winners and runners-up qualifying for the knockout round. The tournament will be played on the 2014 FIFA World Cup game and each finalist will pick first and second-choice teams ensuring no match-ups will feature the same two sides. Higher ranked players will have the advantage of being able to use their first choice should the situation arise. It is an official FIFA tournament that gives football fans the chance to live out their passion for football and to interact with other fans around the world.

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