WoW Item News

igs is a professional WOW ITEMS provider and also a world leading world of warcraft items service team which give you easy and clipping wow gear dealing .You can buy wow items such as pve gear, pvp gear and boe
wow gold for sale from us.

We have all kinds of the wow weapons and most wow gear, wow armor in stock, including the recent hot-sale Mekgineer’s chopper Mechano-hog, Battered Hilt, Primordial Saronite. We offer full set of raid Wow Gears with Tier 10, Tier 9 at Lv 251 and Lv 264 available at present which will make your character become more advanced and our professional arena players will bring you awesome power for your Toons.

You can make a special request if you can’t find the wow items you like in our site and we will respond you in 24 hours. We are keeping adding new cheap wow gold items and try our best to make you feel satisfied. And if you don’t understand clearly about our items buying process, you can check it on the left side of wow item page.

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