Change the arrival moment in World Cup history

First half 23 minutes, change the arrival moment in World Cup history, Klose and Muller moves with the formation of a cross, the former first shot was quick to respond Cesar closed out, but with a keen sense of smell K God came quickly tip accomplishment .

This goal is the World Cup Klose second goal,
cheap FIFA 14 Coins match in Ghana on his tying goal to make it tied Ronaldo, after the completion of today’s battle beyond. The same goal in the World Cup standings behind the German center, there are 14 balls Gade – Muller, 13 Fontaine ball, 12 ball and 11 ball Keqi Shi Bailey and Klinsmann, etc. legendary striker.

Klose and Ronaldo have participated in four World Cups, but in 1994 only four large Luo Guan Brazil bench, did not play a minute, so the slightly less alien appearances, scoring slightly better rate Klose. But maintaining competitive state in the persistence of the peak, the Germans and a lot better than Ronnie, 2002 5 goals, in 2006, into five goals and gains the Golden Boot, scoring four cheap FIFA Coins  goals in the World Cup in South Africa, there are two goals of this accounted for.

And in the last two World Cup could have scored five goals or more, the history of the history of Peru had only Klose and until today the number one star Kubilasi Thomas – Muller was tied two star.

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