FIFA eSports hope or followers

Under some eSportlern the FIFA soccer simulation Ea SPORTS is very viewed as a “small” game. This felt by several professionals FIFA course totally different. however what’s missing the mark so as to realize Fifa fourteen final team coins the scale of a League of Legends or Dota two in FIFA Coins eSports? FIFA should specify in the least or is that simply a misconception?

Almost each person taking part in soccer,” says VBL-runner Marvin? M4rv? Hintz and so initiates already an identical question: Why is FIFA still will a trifle serious within the e-sports scene? FIFA is commonly listed solely among the also-rans, whereas the standing of games like StarCraft II is untouched. Here, the entry would be comparatively simple leads “M4rv” additional. particularly younger players may simply realize access to the scene and therefore the jump to the skilled players is usually easier than i believed with some work.

FIFA least one in every of the few full worth games that have created it into the ranks of the established eSports title. over two.5 million FIFA 14 Coins players have participated, for instance, the international FIWC tournament in 2013 whereas taking part in for a prize of twenty seven,000 U.S. dollars. within the German vice championship of the ESL professional Series, it absolutely was for all four competitions: over thirty eight,000 euros in award (League of Legends, Counter-Strike world Offensive, StarCraft II and FIFA 14).

Compared to the Dota two ESL One-final, that at the Commerzbank Arena takes place on twenty eight and twenty nine Gregorian calendar month in Frankfurt on the Main and is value regarding $ one hundred ninety,000, however the FIWC numbers square measure still expandable. From a The International 2013, the most important Dota two event, with a complete award of over two million U.S. dollars, to not mention. This year the award has the five – million cheap FIFA Coins mark even cracked. This raises the question of why FIFA has not nevertheless created the leap to the massive cash pots.

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