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When RS 3 comes to us, then how do you think of Runescape Gold, is it cheaper or more expensive than Rs Gold? Please keep your eyes on our website, we will do the newest information for all customers. we is always online.

There will not be a dedicated client for the HTML5 game. However, there exists a workaround to create a standalone, chromeless window in Google Chrome. and more game news about these.

Open the game in Chrome;
While on the game page (the actual page the game loads in), open the Chrome settings dropdown (looks like 3 horizontal lines, located at the top-right);

Go to “Tools”;
Select “Create Application shortcuts”;
Choose where you want the shortcut to be;
Close the Chrome window/tab where the Runescape Gold game is being played;
Click on the shortcut button you just created.
This will create a Chrome window the same size as the standalone client window; no address bar, no bookmarks bar, great as gives to us,

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