Gielinor will be changed by Runescape 3

After runescape 3 beta was opened to play, many players have joined. And we also feel the Gielinor will be change by RS3 by the following ways.

RS3’s fully customisable interface will let you make the Rs Gold experience your own
RuneScape 3 Menus and interfaces can be tabbed, reshaped, pulled apart and merged together to the player’s exact specifications as well as the runescape gold menu.

This means you can dock your most used menus front and centre, and bury the ones you least into the deepest, darkest corners of your monitor, where they’ll never see daylight again.

Talking of seeing daylight, you can look up into the sky for the first time now, as RuneScape 3 introduces a moveable third-person camera.

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