Top 5 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 14

Goalkeeper in Pro Clubs is a must if you are aiming big and want to become the number one club in the world. A pro goalkeeper is the most important person on your Fifa 14 Coins team. If you are struggling to score or are just literally being outplayed, a good goalkeeper can keep you in the game, whereas an AI keeper would simply fold over. There are many goalkeepers in FIFA 14, so it’s really hard for you to pick a goalkeeper. To help you make the choice easier, I will list my top 5 favorite goalkeepers in FIFA 14.

Guilherme – Guilherme is in the club Lokomotive Moskva. He was born in Brazil and now he is in the Russian League. You may be surprised that he is on my top 5 favorite goalkeepers list. You would never think that a goalkeeper worth around 1000 Cheap Fifa 14 Coins would perform this well, every single game. Thanks to his height of 197cm, Guilherme easily bosses the penalty-box and covers major parts of the goal to make it harder for opponents to score, including the very overpowered first-post shots. And he has 68 speeds – which is more than average for goalkeepers.

Diego Alves – Diego Alves plays for Valencia CF, which in my opinion is odd for a Brazilian keeper. He stands at 6ft2 inches tall, which is not overly tall for a keeper, but is tall enough so you don’t feel this is a disadvantage. He made his international debut in November 2011, and this could put him in the limelight for big clubs to move in. The main place which I felt Alves was strongest was saving finesse or power shots to the top Fifa Coins corner, or snap shots such as close range headers.

Hugo Lloris – the Spurs keeper has struggled to make it into the starting line-up for the Spurs in the premier league, but it will come as no surprise to most that this guy is one to watch. At the ripe old age of 25 years, this player is someone who will be at the forefront of any team if you can snap him up early in your career. Be warned though, he won’t come cheap, but that’s the price you pay for potentially the best keeper in FIFA 13.

Ter Stegen – at only 20 years old Ter Stegen is the best goalkeeper I’ve played with. Starts off with all of his goalie traits at around 80, improves massively to become the best goalkeeper, hands down. His current overall is 88 after 6 seasons and he simply is brilliant.

Manuel Neuer – Manuel Neuer has had a mercurial rise in football, climbing to the top of his position. The Bayern Munich shot-stopper is considered by plenty to be the finest goalkeeper currently in world football. The German international made his impact at senior level from the age of just 20, which is very young for any goalkeeper for Cheap Fifa Coins, for Schalke 04 and his time at the club was capped off with being awarded as the best Bundesliga goalkeeper of the year in 2007 and Bundesliga player of the year in 2011. Neuer, rated 87 overalls, has already established himself as the number one for both club and country, and at just 26 years old has plenty of mileage left.

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