The Scenes of RuneScape, Rsgoldrich

I am one of runescape game lover. I am not sure whether you know Rsgoldrich online. OK here goes. I finally got slayer to 75 after almost 10 years of RuneScape. I used to kill iron and steel dragons with my mage fully infinity and master wand a couple months ago no problem. I decided to get slayer to 99 loves the cape so much. But I can’t do it anymore I stopped at 76 these dragons are much too hard now. Rsgoldrich is which one best for Runescape Gold online.

I’m very poor in this game I do not understand how threes so many rich people. I tried the iron steel dragons using my 99 mage and full goon with master wand and DFS, takes about 5-10 mins per kill. With 60 dragons to kill this took about 2-3 hours. I missed more then half the time. NOW please tell me if I need higher level gear how am I to afford it? I tried joining high level in Runescape. Maybe Rsgoldrich is the best online for rs gold.

But how am I to afford to level them if I’m so dam broke If I really try I can make maybe 20 mill in a month witch is what? I have a job wife and child to look after I love this game I got my wife into it. I feel like I am at a stalemate I’ll never have enough Runescape 3 Gold money for this overpriced gear, I’ve even got my 10 year cape, I feel like rs money has become so desperately hard to make now. Do I have to make botting runescape accounts to make my main money? Just come to Rsgoldrich for more detail please!

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