Explain reson of sience group

For the PTR, the gap between 14 and 15 really are a big monster along with the difference between two big strange, so we only a racquet head made “for three target mechanism, 14 to fifteen people, was the primary breakpoint” conclusion. 504 in the aura, including several boss, 40 million, 6 minutes or 130000 DPS, it is not for 504 equipped with low standard, to buy wow gold and ensure the quantity of control is always to control.

Subsequently, on such basis as 2 and 3 to fill, whenever we repeatedly experience from the selection of 13 to 16 vid few times (is late actually hardly any people), the last head, set the 14 people this concept. As many people see, the truth is, an official suit, blizzard has brought the elastic mechanism to 10 people doing as far as possible, so we at the beginning from the “at least three goals” idea isn’t accurate, one thousand is really a boss mechanism with 10 people regardless of how some people you elastic unfortunately we cannot silly force?Although we had is how silly force but we admit?

Then add formal clothing and high loading, etc. You additionally do not need to the tragic as elastic compression number spell DPS limit, and so the number of changes, itself is tough to feel difficulty or fight a lengthy gap, should say that this is also the achievements of the actual setting on the copy of the elastic. So can tell 14 people this idea, since it is determined by the setting of PTR has been mostly blizzard slam the threshold so as to help the elastic copy “flexibility”, may be the product on the obsolete.

However, because of the difficulty with the group of people mentioned previously maximum + DPS first breakpoint just around 14 + the quantity of complex mechanisms for instance bring about consider, 14 people there retains its scientific nature. A minimum of much better than any one of the racquet head and “I’m” is the volume of science. Within the suit, needless to say, on account of the existence of + 8, this point, often might not give a sell MOE brings joy, why care about?

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