Carnage Racing for iOS Published by Jagex

Jagex released carnage racing once you get your racing game for iOS devices. The overall game is available totally free for the Rs 07 Gold. Jagex is better noted for the 3D browser game Runescape.

Jagex has released the racing game carnage Racing for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Carnage Racing combines racing, stunts, explosive competition plus a multiplayer mode in real time for as much as 8 players on one title. The experience can be downloaded totally free on the App Store for iOS devices.

In single player mode, you will get selecting your talents to overlook the necessary fine-tuning to supply for your requirements later within the exciting multiplayer mode against other players head-to-head race. For every race you expect prices, xp and funds. Classic it’s also possible to at Carnage Racing pimp your car or truck completely in accordance with your opinions – of even more powerful armament and greater capacity to sleek new finishes, filled with hot labels.

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