Scouting will never be random

It will be easy to direct your scouts to venture to specific leagues, find specific player-types or just watch certain player you want to bid for within the transfer market.

These the latest features also alter the way career mode worked before, you’re no more depending upon the over-all rating in the player instead your focus will be to locate a player type. For example, selecting directing your scouts to uncover pacey, promising or prolific player rather than player with overall rating of 80.

Scouting stop being limited to transfer markets, your scouts are going to be doing their work year-round to raised prepare you for upcoming transfer window.

Selling it to Career Hub. FIFA 14 Coins improves Career Hub with better navigation options, few communication interruptions in the club staff and live scouting reports which is to be delivered out of your network in real-time for you to help you make the best decision.

All these new career mode features make yourself easy in FIFA 14 and enable you to micro-manage your capacity to pay. In case you keep a keen eye, it will be easy to sign the superstars of tomorrow.

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