discovered the process for uranium fission

The American government just isn’t made up of clowns that has to be offensive to buy wow gold. The members from the American government that dictate law as well as the function of said government are incompetent hypocrits who simply have their job simply because they have convinced the American public (through various means) that stupidity is bliss, and ignorance would be the norm.

Did you know Congress refused to approve LFTR (liquid floride thorium reactors- a neat “new” way to produce electricity through nuclear fission-look it up) as the one who discovered the process also discovered the process for uranium fission for energy and “if [he] says [that thorium reactors are better than uranium reactors] then it is time for [him] to leave the company” (a comment created to the expert in the field of nuclear fission for energy by the congressman). Why is this? Because congress, even in the 60’s was a student in business’s pocket. Really the only difference is that now it’s less hidden and much more obvious.

We are American, i must say, We are becoming embarrassed to convey so. Whether through showing everyone around you that hyper-polarization from the government is fine, being self-appointed, unasked for, world police, or merely the inane stupidity that people allow ourselves as individuals, so when organizations, America is leading the earth right place I wouldn’t think it ought to be.

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