The rouste of fortune bags of coins

Kai Kai introduced an update from the crucial rouste of fortune replacing the majority of rs 2007 gold prices by bags of Rs 07 Gold. What’s the distinction between these new bags of gold coins and gold usual price? Well, the volume of gold you will get by using a bag of coins now be based upon your abilities.

The bags of gold complete your adventure greater than before, helping you to achieve more balanced and rewarding gains. Your price will now be manufactured to measure. This new object will replace all gold prices within the roust of fortune, except the cost of 200 million coins can nevertheless be won through the luckiest of you.

Tend not to miss the kick-off from this brilliant innovation: each of the bags of gold coins opened a few days ago you’ll earn twice their content! Remember after winning a bag, you must open over the past weekend to double your winnings.

The bags of gold coins you’ll reap double the amount content of Friday, February 1 00:00 GMT Monday, February 4 at 23:59 GMT . Next weekend, they are the main price of the roust of fortune permanently, but will simply win the standard amount they contain. More resources for the bags of coins, visit our official FAQ in the New section of the forums. You should purchase parts here or by clicking “Get parties” within the interface from the roust of fortune. Keep in mind that you subscribe , you’ll receive two daily portions in the roust of fortune instead of one!

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