the EAS FC Category in Cheap FIFA 14 Coins

Unlike previous, the EAS FC Category in Cheap FIFA 14 Coins, allows gamers to transmit gifts to their friends directly. Actually, gamers can send items at half prices for friends and redeem them for uses.

When redeeming items from FUT 14 EAS FC Category, gamers be forced to pay attentions to EAS FC Level and Football Club Credits.

Letting alone game modes, gamers is usually given Experience Points to boost their Level. Once completing one match, gamers will earn XP from an in-game pop-up, that can show inside their personal and friends feeds. Also, gamers can compare their Level using their FIFA friends within the leaderboards panel from EAS FC Hub.

Football Club Credits, also FCC, will be the EAS FC currency. Gamers can earn FCC exactly the same as earning XP after which it redeem unlockables to boost their FIFA experience of the EAS FC Category.

Besides, FUT 14 gamers can earn XP and FCC by playing matches, winning tournaments, getting EAS FC Gain levels. Outside of the Ultimate Team mode, finishing challenges in TOTW, getting promoted in Seasons head to head or even in Co-Op and winning cups in Career can be the most effective.

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