to guarantee you that people have

Gerhard has also assured players that no personal information continues to be obtained due to such attacks.

“It is – unfortunately – an expanding plague inside the industry that many online services have trouible with, and 2007 Rs Gold seems to be one of the biggest targets,” said Gerhard.

“Motives for launching these attacks appear to vary, even so the end result is the similar. The sharp increase in attacks does tie closely with removing private servers, bots and gold farming, therefore it would follow until this was in revenge for destroying their businesses. It has also led to a rise in immature users at malicious forums like ‘buga buse’ DDoSing and stealing from many individual players, taking credit for RuneScape service outages.

“I need to to look at this opportunity to guarantee you that people have, are and will still work tirelessly, preventing as numerous of the attacks from affecting your gameplay once we can. We’ve got recently designed a multi-million pound investment inside our global IT infrastructure to deal with the continued attacks and they are dealing with many service and security providers to eradicate the situation completely. I am also working closely with worldwide police agencies to bring individuals in charge of these attacks to justice.”

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