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Bet that header image got your attention, didn’t it? It certainly got mine when it appeared in my mailbox! Through the exactly the armor for the expression around the face, you will never help but stare and admire. Ginny Higerd, otherwise generally known as Tsunomi on the Elune server (A-US), did artwork for any while, and her Warcraft fan art may be the stuff dreams are constructed with — well, my wants being great as well whole drawing thing, anyway.

But art like this also needs a lot of efforts, and Ginny’s certainly no stranger going without running shoes. Furthermore remarkable than Ginny’s work is that you can begin to see the natural progression of skill with each piece that she draws, from early-day scribbles to full-out masterpieces like the image above. Ginny was kind enough for you inside a submission for Realm of WarCrafts — and heck, with skills that adheres to that, how could I not interview her about her methods?

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