in the early morning of October 19 live immediately

Saw heavy the situation: in the early morning of October 19 live immediately, Minagawa Hiroshi the UI artist “Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil” development / management team, posted on the official forum and, permit unpleasant shown to you of “player It was a so it would. Sorry. This time, take apologize that people can become a representation misleading through the check deficit of field, offensive wording We’ve displayed towards played for the PlayStation3 version because of this I apologized again and trout. “.

Rather, we have been concerned we now have PC version users who be put off by players for the PS3 version to be time-consuming loading in comparison with isn’t even close to version, writing for instance “PS3 refuse” in order that it can not be from the comments section in the development side in addition to being considered a filter function of NG word that, as “harassment” is discrimination by language or platform, so are preparing functional group when i get yourself a “wide variety of players having fun, that effect understanding was the excuse “I’d like to own.

However, the PS3 version and also the PC version using unique circumstances, isn’t even close to high-spec, the main difference is of out-of-view across the place mixed up in bet on true, especially, the enemy in FATE inside PS3 version in the HDD drive it requires time to area move in the dungeon, etc. You cannot earn experience value not Kuwaware the battle won’t appear easily, loading occurs over and over again, for instance, wouldn’t normally wait for an PC version user, relation to tempo and easier play on the game content difference in’s birth and I exist as fact. Platform discrimination to as “harassment” is of course, the future, simultaneously, it’s where laborer narrow the gap around the display both platforms is also required.

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