Don’t miss stupid money

Stupid money is when the want to sell something quickly overrides simple things like reading the sale value about the item’s tooltip. It isn’t really everywhere, but there are many of an individual desperately undercutting to the stage who’s actually nets less cash than if they’d just thrown the one thing within the vendor.

Here’s an example: Yesterday I was glancing at Bloody Bardiche Heads to discover that their rate had dropped to 10 gil per. This is nice thing about it for me personally because that meant buying a bunch of heads and selling these to a vendor for 79 gil per sale. Yes, it forced me to be directly about a thousand gil, nonetheless it was obviously a thousand gil that someone just left lying shared for no reason in addition to laziness and a crucial lack of critical thinking.

Measure your time and willingness to perform a job against the amount of money who’s means. If Dodo Eggs cost 200 gil per and you could kill a dodo in ten seconds, that’s 1200 gil a moment with a capable pulling spot. (Assuming each one of these drops an egg, but bear when camping.) Yes, it could be boring to farm those to have an hour, but not you like it yourself enough by chatting that 72,000 gil will probably be worth any time?

That may be the main difference between hanging out complaining that you simply can’t get hardly any money and kicking back with a pile of money, which is some of those things I really, like about FFXIV Gil.

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