New Runescape Bacon quest available these days

Application maker Jagex released a brand new quest for the favorite adventure Runescape Gold. Runescape recorded over 220 million registered accounts!

Every good story must necessarily incorporate a nemesis or cruel demon ? The brand new quest after RuneScape Members ” Bringing Home the Bacon” demonstrates that an exciting story may start with … bacon!

The author in the new challenge on the globe of Gielinor has Eli Bacon – a lonely , slightly grumpy fight pig breeders. A tragic accident got his pig champion Pete Gassy between spit and fire – and Eli discovered the truly great taste of crispy pork . Soon the scent attracts a lot of growling stomachs at … Players must help the poor Eli to defend his flock from your ravenous inhabitants of Gielinor and acquire the pig population .

Runescape was published in 2001 and attracting more(a) 220 million players . As well as the Quest Runescape update will soon receive one of the main updates in its history , with the RuneScape 3, an important technological leap we make.

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