FIFA 14 developer we now have a tendency

FIFA 14 Coins Lead Producer Aaron McHardy recognizes the stigma behind launch titles associated in an exclusive interview with ReviewFix on weekday, he aforementioned it had been his goal in order to create positive “FIFA 14″ about the PlayStation four and XBox One was something however shallow and flaccid.

Using EA’s currently IGNITE engine, “FIFA 14″ within the PlayStation four and XBox Anybody can have a number of graphical enhancements over the present generation versions, however McHardy says the next-generation relation from the sport goes a lot of farther than the usual mere cosmetic makeover.

“We’ve been functioning about the information four game for a couple of time. we’ve a tendency to learned through the last console transition that building a scaled down version of your game simply wasn’t arriving at be received well by fans. we’ve got a propensity to kicked away and off to deliver a casino game on Xbox One and PS4 that was as totally featured as attainable, and conjointly had vital changes that took benefit from the hardware that people will usually got,” McHardy told Review Fix. “Features like professional instincts and Elite Technique do exactly that product that they can take gameplay that people have a tendency to square measure already very pleased with on information three to following level. as soon as you couple by investing in all the items we’ve been doing within the presentation part of things, like new crowds, new cameras, higher replays, animated sideline characters, the world on information four extremely comes alive.”

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