Here square measure some general tips though

This can’t be explained while not entering Brobdingnagian detail, that is why I came up with the video. talk to that for ideas on once to shoot and just how. Here square measure some general tips though;

Shoot from distance. particularly if victimization Ronaldo, it is possible to score kind additional than you anticipate, and you should get countless points

Use broken shots. These are generally value additional. forever use chip once the keeper commences his line, or one amongst the drills wherever he rushes out at you. it is possible to get 1400-2000 anytime using a broken shot.

Use aptitude or discreetness on crosses. combine and match between 2, however hold LT or rubidium once headering or volleying the FIFA 14 Coins for sale. To as pair of aptitude or discreetness volleys and headers, that square measure usually value additional or additional correct.

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