Cheap FIFA 14 Coins outstanding performance

Ambient Occlusion is always to achieve global illumination undoubtedly the best way , here is the best rather then saying the very best but as a developer one style of customary manner , the excuse is quite simple which is basic and high efficiency. And Cheap FIFA 14 Coins outstanding performance here , even swallow a whole new engine , although in closeup been finished second , however in the normal live viewing angle , “FIFA14″ still show an excellent vitality.

In other large-scale 3D games , the importance of ambient occlusion will be a lot of big, open Ambient Occlusion , the screen becomes dark indeed there are lots of levels , but do not open the full object is lit.

In the “FIFA” about the face of the greatest ambient occlusion rational using the players running , the body material presented on brightness variations seem very dynamic throughout the stadium .

Simply speaking, whether or FIFI actually live and on the screen but not much surprise place, though the PC version has a higher read speed, and resolution, when compared to demo version plays inside optimization boasts plenty of progress. Confronted by the advent of next-generation consoles, but unfortunately this for still when using the old engine failed to play towards the best-selling PC version need to look forward to generation x of performance on the screen.

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