The FIFA 14 Test Scenarios Is Introduced

Inside our test of four files effects, images of the difference between high and medium quality actually not obvious, difference lies mainly from the player’s shadow and tiny mapping effects. Is often a significant difference in gear with FIFA 14 Coins for sale, the standard transition to cheap, lighting, and shadows are cut, jagged shadows, stadium, the entire brightness is also reduced. And really low quality effects, stadium fans inside audience were cut directly.

Within the resolution from the contrast test, we select three classic resolution ratio test, through contrast to provide the influence of different resolution ratio of image vision. By three screenshot you can view, contrary to when the resolution ratio of 16:9 to abandon to 4:3 changes, the graphics sight on each party on the area for being cut, and also the overall visual cortex of a minimum when the 4:3 ratio column. Same with suggested to pick widescreen display towards the game, so that you can obtain the best gaming experience. Because the game does not provide any Benchmark test software or options, hence the game testing mode USES the manual test mode.

Game test scenarios with all the model looked friendly. This hardware performance tests we’ll with the instant in Frps software for game scene picture frame rate monitoring and statistics outside the picture frame rate as well as the maximum and minimum average picture frame rate data, for example testing, about a minute.Where is safe to obtain FIFA 14 Coins?

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