Take into account 5% EA TAX WHEN TRADING!

You will be aiming to keep all high rated players (including ALL Legends) and a few popular Barclays Premier League (BPL) players. You’ve luck out whether or not it’s a higher rated BPL player for example Suarez, RVP, Hazard, Aguero etc because they will rise significantly when the game is released. You’ll be able to back most BPL players rising in price as it will have an insane volume of BPL teams being made when FIFA 14 Coins is released, meaning demand will exceed supply!

High pace and 5* skillers shall be popular so seek to keep your hands on them (including Silver & Bronze players)! Lastly it is best to browse keep your hands on popular consumables, mainly popular Chemistry Style consumables (for example people that enhance pace, strength and shooting by far the most).

REMEMBER: Although you won’t need the majority of your consumables over the Web App period, your consumables pile is now UNLIMITED in FUT 14, meaning they won’t clog up your trade pile. If you’re looking to sink several of your spare coins right into a good investment, then cheap consumables (especially Contracts & Fitness) are where it’s at! That you are guaranteed to make good coins if your game is released as then the sales of these consumables increases. Positional change cards is likewise cheaper through the early access FUT 14 Web App stage!

Peak times for ones auction in order to complete are between 3pm-11.59pm (UK time) as this is when the Transfer Companies are oftimes be most active. Certain cards are not as easy to do business with at different times. For example, looking to purchase high rated BPL players will in most circumstances are more difficult during peak times. However don’t discard trading throughout these times because is the place most cards are likely to be listed, meaning you possibly can acquire some very nice bargains including under-searched 5* skillers. 3am-11.59am (UK time) is often the off peak times meaning they are great times to find bargains, including high rated players which will result in FIFA 14 Cions for sale.

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