the main menu of FIFA 14 places

It’s no surprise, the feeling is not the EA is fine with cola girl as before, nothing new, purely changed clothes it? The solution is no. Once the opening screen through the game to go into the leading menu, after i first reaction, FIFA 13 Coins of UT menu appears, and will be calmed learned that this is the main menu of FIFA 14 places.

Since i have like to play UT mode, the UT menu before FIFA 13 may be the using a grid such as non-prorated, feels like NOKIA Microsoft serial interface, simple and easy and practical, players does not have to make use of the keyboard or mouse to push her forward and backward, within a plane, you can actually find yourself trying to find stuff.

Jigsaw seemingly chaotic, the truth is, simple and easy and very straightforward. In fact, given mcdougal the most feeling of interface or pause the experience screen.

Glance at the screenshot. These feelings really wonderful, a similar puzzle grid, the team’s formation and players at a glance, but convenient for players to Buy FIFA 14 Coins while using formation considerations, which seem very real, and also really shines.

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