How to pick faction for Pandaren at Mist of Pandaria?

The modern race Pandaren has become playable of wow gold for sale may be released, you can also make a panda to learn up-date now.

I realized a large number of folks have exactly the same question of “How to choose faction for pandaren at Mist of Pandaria? ” Because of this, I got exactly the same question before, i figure it out finally. So today I want to tell you how to choose faction for Monk whenever you hit a particular level.

You ought to finish All of the quest and the final quest will cause you to “Spirit Master”, speak to him, you will get different options among Alliance or Horde side.

So please ensure that with the faction you need to be, it cannot be changed back when you change you mind. When you have to, you must level another toon. You will be teleported to orgrimmar or Stormwind instantly when you finally choose your faction.

You will find seven classes that designed for play pandaren, you will find Monk, Priest,Warrior,Hunter, Rogue,Shaman,Mage.However, you will have to buy explansion “Mist of Pandaria” before you can actually unlock Monk, you are able to play other classes free even you dont have mist of pandaria explansion. You will need to make range of which faction you’ll going to play. So Just go and finished the cheap wow gold.You wont miss it.

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