Brazil World Cup price ticket sales hot

According to Xinhua press agency, in 2014 the key part of the Brazilian World Cup tickets purchase is nearing completion, at the time of the evening of nine, FUT 14 Coins has received five.4 million price ticket applications.

In the World Cup ticketing system, the fans ranging from August twenty to submit twelve cities in Brazil, command an entire of sixty four tickets for matches. When the whole number of sheets is bigger as opposed to applying matches how much votes offered, the system are elect by random draw including last get those tickets.

The first area of price ticket purchase stage is Oct ten 24 pm. The other section of price ticket sales are continued December vi World Cup cluster stage draw if your top of 2 days starting holy day of obligation. Ramos Benzema was 100 million cookery. Real Madrid star initial refusal lock FIFA 14 Coins.

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