FFXI Gil Blog First Edition

The aim of your blog is to use websites that sell Cheap FFXI Gil, for just a good price, which are safe, and have good track records.

I have been previously playing FFXI around three years now and one of the things I’ve been told by several friends is that it’s difficult to find reliable, safe, supply that’s priced well. I’m hoping this web site will supply an email finder service to the players searching for those actions who haven’t had much luck finding them! I understand in my own experiences I’ve bought gil why not a half dozen times approximately, and it was literally 50/50 for your order turned out – which is unacceptable.

I’ve used them before and they had a extremely swift and straightforward delivery. I’m hoping they will mimic that again to the purposes of this site.

I’m for the buy ff14 gil page now and placing an order.

About 5 minutes has passed i got a cell phone call confirming that I placed an order, the one who called is probably the customer reps from the site – spoke perfect english and said he lives in cleveland! Cool and very helpful! Ends up he’s a Cheapest FFXIV Gil player too.

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