March Update Now Live

The March version update to Cheap FFXI Gil is now live! The update includes digging in Odin and Alexander summons mentioned earlier on at VanaFest 2010, and also new Wings with the Goddess storyline missions, the standard job tweaks,final fantasy xi gil, this time for that Puppetmaster, Summoner and Beastmaster, and so very much more.

So you’ve unlocked your sub-jobs and you’ve leveled over the Valkurm Dunes within the jobs you would like to continue with? Its time for you to proceed to the next areas. The previous much of this guide was dedicated to sometimes acquainted with the partying and leveling system, unlocking sub-jobs, and generally acclamating yourself with those things that you’ll be immersing yourself set for all of your life within Vana’diel.

This final installment will be dedicated to selling it to different leveling areas, and should inform about the things you need to do Cheap FFXIV Gil until they reach level 30, many new doors are opened to you personally available as on the dozen new advanced jobs!

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